I read ‘Chocolat’ after watching the film with my mum, (great film by the way starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp), usually I hate reading a book after seeing the film but surprisingly this book was an exception, for a couple of days I literally didn’t put it down. It’s basically about a young woman called Vianne Rocher set in France in the mid 1900’s, she moves to a small town called Lansquenet with her young daughter Anouk and sets up a chocolate shop called ‘La Celeste Praline’ directly opposite the church. The plot centers around Vianne and Father Reynaud, the village priest. He considers Vianne and ‘La Celeste Praline’ as a threat to the church considering as it has been opened in the middle of lent, and he immediately denounces her shop as the ultimate sin.

Joanne Harris has this ingenious way of hinting at something but not actually describing it, it’s unique and fascinating and will leave you craving chocolate!!

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