The Fault in Our Stars

the fault in our stars     I know what you may be thinking, the fault in our stars has been reviewed about a million times so what’s the point in telling us the same thing about it all over again? Here’s the point, this, is an AMAZING book, it’s not just about the typical boy meets girl romance which seems to feature in today’s fiction so much, but follows the story of a girl with a life threatening disease who is basically ready to give up and how she slowly becomes to enjoy life again.

Hazel Grace has cancer, and has never been anything but terminal. She reads the same book over and over again and spends her days tucked up in bed watching ANTM reruns, and to top it off her mum makes her attend a cancer support group that in all fairness she just can’t be bothered with, the story really begins when Augustus Waters turns up at this ‘dum support group’ and in the words of the great John Green himself is a ‘Gorgeous plot twist’ Hazels story is about to be completely re-written.

Yes, you may be crying buckets by the end, but this book will also make you laugh so hard your sides hurt. If you haven’t read then what are you waiting for?

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