Abandon by Meg Cabot

I bought Abandon from a small charity shop near where I live, which just goes to show what a gem those small seemingly insignificant shops are. I read in one night, now I’m not sure if that shows what a good book it is, or that I just wanted to get to the end quickly.

I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, yeah at beginning it was incredibly confusing and I wasn’t sure when she was talking about what had happened to her a few years ago or what was happening now, but it was cleverly written and unique and I liked John Haydens character because he was a different, darker version of the over rated love interest that seems to dominate many YA books at the moment. I liked the fact that it was a modern spin off of the original Hades and Persephone story, all in all it was a pretty good a light read and I would advise it for anyone over 12.

Blood of Olympus….disappointment

blood of olympusOkay, I love the Percy Jackson books as much as the next person, but is it just me, or was this book kind of a downer? I mean I have been obsessed with these books for ages, I have grown to love and admire Percy and Annabeth, and in the last story ever……..THEY DON’T EVEN GET THEIR OWN CHAPTERS. What I thought was really misleading was the fact that on the front cover it explicitly say’s ‘Percy Jackson’s Final Battle Begins’, but in the actual book it’s not really his battle at all because he’s more like a background character.

I mean yeah, it was a great book, it was funny and exciting with enough emotion and facts about the gods, but I mean come on, was anyone else annoyed by the fact that they have spent four previous books leading up to the big fight with Gaia and in the end actually defeating her seems way to easy. Also it may sound pathetic but I kind of wanted it to be Percy and Annabeth that did something really heroic and stuff and in the book they don’t do anything heroic and are made out to look incredibly weak because they are always being rescued by the others, I know they just got back from Tartarus and they are still emotionally and physically scarred and what not, but come on, I’m sure that you wanted to read about some cool water power that he masters just as much as I did.

If you have anything to say about the book, plz comment below 😉




I read ‘Chocolat’ after watching the film with my mum, (great film by the way starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp), usually I hate reading a book after seeing the film but surprisingly this book was an exception, for a couple of days I literally didn’t put it down. It’s basically about a young woman called Vianne Rocher set in France in the mid 1900’s, she moves to a small town called Lansquenet with her young daughter Anouk and sets up a chocolate shop called ‘La Celeste Praline’ directly opposite the church. The plot centers around Vianne and Father Reynaud, the village priest. He considers Vianne and ‘La Celeste Praline’ as a threat to the church considering as it has been opened in the middle of lent, and he immediately denounces her shop as the ultimate sin.

Joanne Harris has this ingenious way of hinting at something but not actually describing it, it’s unique and fascinating and will leave you craving chocolate!!