Abandon by Meg Cabot

I bought Abandon from a small charity shop near where I live, which just goes to show what a gem those small seemingly insignificant shops are. I read in one night, now I’m not sure if that shows what a good book it is, or that I just wanted to get to the end quickly.

I actually enjoyed it quite a lot, yeah at beginning it was incredibly confusing and I wasn’t sure when she was talking about what had happened to her a few years ago or what was happening now, but it was cleverly written and unique and I liked John Haydens character because he was a different, darker version of the over rated love interest that seems to dominate many YA books at the moment. I liked the fact that it was a modern spin off of the original Hades and Persephone story, all in all it was a pretty good a light read and I would advise it for anyone over 12.