The Selection by Kiera Cass

It may not have been the best written book, but, like these things so often happen, I couldn’t put it down. As a result of this is sat stationary for the whole day, and by the end I couldn’t even feel the pins and needles!

The book itself was a cross between the TV reality show ‘the bachelor’ and a modern fairytale, minus the fairygodmother and just about everything else that make’s it a fairytale. The characters where engaging and likable, the female protagonist America Singer was strong and brave, not to be outwitted by the rules of society.  I think the thing that draws most people to this story is that every little girl secretly want’s that fairytale, and through Cass’s writing you can kind of experience that.

Though Prince Maxon was not the average teen romance love interest, he was good enough, funny sometimes, though probably not intentionally. It may not have been the best book I have ever read, but I would still advise to anyone who just want’s to slob out and read for a day or two.