I read Divergent about six months ago after buying it whilst on holiday, I think it was one of those cases where you pick it up and you have to keep reading until you finish.

I LOVED it, it was so different to anything I have ever read. I felt sooo excited when Tris was about to chose her new faction. Veronica Roth might be one of the most amazing authors ever, I have to admit that I was completely obsessed with Fours character and guessed right at the beginning


that he was actually Tobias.

I thought that she described the fight scenes really well also, sometimes it’s hard for the writer to get the correct balance between action and everything else, but I thought that Veronica Roth got it just right. My heart literally stopped in some parts, and at others I laughed out loud, which is an achievment for a book to be able to do that because normally I find that I laugh more at the films than the books themselves. As well as this, and I am not ashamed to admit it, I did cry buckets by the end.

I saw the film a few months ago as well, actually it was the same day I finished the book that I went to see it, and was delighted with it. It was AMAZING and was actually incredibly similar to the book, which was lucky because I get so annoyed when the film completely ruins the book it is depicting. Shaileen Woodley played the protagonist, Tris, just as you would hope and Theo James, who played Four, was satisfyingly handsome, as well as being a great actor. I think that the second film Insurgent, is coming out soon and I can’t wait.

Word of advice, if you haven’t read the book, read it before going to see the film because even though the film is fantastic you still won’t obtain the same amount of interest in the book as you would if you were reading it without knowing the plot. READ IT, you’ll love it.

If you have read it, plz leave comments on what you thought about it below.