Paper Towns


Loved it. In a way, kind of hated it but in a good way. Might I just say. maybe for the hundredth time, John Green is a genius. I was hooked from the very beginning. Even though the beginning kind of pegs it up for a murder mystery, with nine year old Margo and Q discovering the dead man, it is not like that at all. It’s like a coming of age, romance, finding yourself novel all rolled into one big mystery.

The characters are vibrant and real, none of them are perfect and each of of them have their own pathetic flaws which makes the reader connect with them on a more human level. But maybe it’s because of these flaws that you grow to care about their well being so much, what will happen to them, whether they will get into their desired collage, or will they finally tell their highschool crush how they feel? All these are questions we ask our selves on a normal day, but somehow when put from the perspective of a beloved character, we forget about our own problems and start caring about theirs.

It was unbelievably funny, I laughed until my sides hurt, and then, unable to stop, I laughed some more. My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE part was when Margo takes Q on an ‘all-night road trip of revenge he cannot help but follow’ . I am being completely honest here when I say that that was one of the funniest things I have ever read, seriously the thing with the fish, LEGENDARY.

I did get incredibly annoyed with the fact that Ben kept calling girls ‘Honeybunies’, although I think that that was intentionally sexist, at least I hope. I was drawn to the way that Margo starts off as this almost, for loss of a better word, fictional character, and gradually as Q follows the clues she has left him, he begins to catch desperate glimpses of the real Margo. The one that has hidden for so long underneath this facade of adventures and miracles, of bravery and fame, the real Margo isn’t a miracle isn’t some mystical magical being that no one can touch who has in her possession the perfect life, but is instead the equivalent of most young adults her age, scared, searching for a way out, wanting everyone to notice her, to make her the center of attention in all of their worlds even if she doesn’t know it. The real Margo is nothing more and nothing less than a girl.

The ending, don’t worry no spoilers here, was although not perfect, strangely satisfying. I heard the other day that the movie is coming out next year, I am actually surprised about this because in a interview I read with John Green he said that he wasn’t sure whether or not he wanted Paper Towns to hit the big screen. I’m even more surprised about the cast choice for Margo …………. Cara Delevingne, I did not expect that and am not sure whether she is right to portray Margo or not, if you have an opinion on the cast choice or the book please comment below.

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